Thank goodness we are finally beginning to feel the relief of a post-pandemic world. All those months of shutdowns probably had your little ones going crazy! Now that things are opening up again, you might be considering signing your kiddo up for after-school programs in Mount Pleasant, SC. Both gymnastics and dance are excellent ways to keep your child active while building skills and physical fitness. At Tapio School of Dance, we offer both gymnastics and dance lessons. Which one is right for your kid?

The Advantages of Dance Lessons

There are many ways that children benefit from dance classes. The most obvious one is that it is a great workout to foster physical fitness. Dance can help to increase your child’s flexibility, physical strength, stamina, and range of motion. It is a great overall body workout that challenges and builds their core musculature for the future, as well as an excellent tool to build emotional development. Dance helps a child to express their inner creativity and personality. They get to channel their emotions and energy, which is an excellent catharsis! What’s more, dance teaches time management and self-discipline – two things that will help them throughout childhood and beyond.

The Advantages of Gymnastics

Gymnastics is an excellent sport for keeping children fit and active. It helps to increase flexibility, improve motor skill development, and improve concentration. Gymnastics also takes a high level of focus and enhances proprioception. It takes a lot of core strength and overall fitness to excel at gymnastics, as well as the ability to pick yourself up again and again. Like dance, gymnastics also helps with things like self-discipline and time management.

Which One is Right for Your Little One?

Both gymnastics and dance are great ways to allow your child’s inner creativity to shine. Dance tends to be a little more focused and a bit less strenuous on the joints and muscles. It really is a personal choice when it comes to determining which is best for your child. Gymnastics is all about bursts of energy and power, while dance tends to be a little more regimented and controlled. In general, you can’t go wrong by signing them up for either.

How to Choose…

Sometimes the best way to choose what your child will enjoy more is through trial and error. At Tapio School of Dance, we offer both options in our studio. Our instructors are experts at pinpointing your child’s strengths and keeping them motivated. Why not let them try their hand at both? Who knows? They just might want to spend two or more days getting their energy out trying their hand at both disciplines.

As the world begins to return to post-pandemic conditions, many parents are excited to be able to sign their children up for after-school programs in Mount Pleasant. Come into Tapio today and see all the amazing things we have going on. If you find it hard to choose between dance and gymnastics, sign them up for both! Contact us today to reserve your class space.