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Our After School Pick Up Program (ASPUP)

Our After School Pick Up Program (ASPUP) begins on Monday, August 15, 2016 at Private Schools and Public Schools East of the Cooper. Eligible students are those who are registered and enrolled in any of our dance, jazz, hip-hop, gymnastics, and tumbling classes. Attached please find an outline of our afternoon schedule until 6:00 p.m., vacation and full day schedule, rules for this program, and a registration form.

The parents of all students participating in the ASPUP must complete a Registration Form. There is a family administration fee of $60.00 due with the completed form. The daily rate for the ASPUP is $18.00 per day regardless of the time picked up and is due at the beginning of each week on Monday. Please note: there is No Refund and No Credit issued for missed days due to illness or missed school days. The daily rate is charged for all days in which you registered.

The weekly rate for ASPUP is $80.00 paid on Monday of each week. No Refund and No Credit will be given for missed days. ASPUP fees may be paid with your child’s class tuition check, which is paid monthly or paid weekly by Friday. If “late” pick up is a must – a charge of $5.00 is due for every five (5) minutes past 6:00 p.m. The late pick up fee must be paid in cash upon late arrival. Names of all persons who are allowed to pick up your child should be on your ASPUP registration form. Only those individuals will be allowed to pick up your child. It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the office of any changes in your child’s schedule throughout the year. To register for the ASPUP, please return the registration form to our office with the Administration Fee along with a copy of the letter sent to your child’s school allowing Tapio School of Dance & Gymnastics, Inc. to pick up your child. Without these items, Tapio’s will not pick up your child.

Please notify us if your child is absent from school by calling 884-9579 before 1:30 p.m. If there is no answer, please leave a voice mail message. The messages are cleared daily by 1:30. You will be charged an additional $5.00 pick up fee for any days Tapio’s goes to the school to pick up your child and they are not there, this is in addition to your regular ASPUP fee. We do not and will not deduct for days absent even with a call.

Our Program is designed to accommodate the Charleston County School District’s 2016– 2017 School calendar, however, some Private school “full days off” do coincide with our ASPUP calendar. On National holidays, we do hold regular classes in the afternoons; therefore if you need full day care, you will need to register in advance. We have a twelve (12)-student minimum for our full day programs during the school year. The fee for full days is $50.00 plus a field trip fee. The $50.00 must be paid, upon registration, which is held three weeks in advance of the holiday; the field trip fees must be paid daily. If the minimum number of students is not met, we will credit your payment to the monthly tuition and notify you, the parents, so other arrangements may be made. Credits will only be given if Tapio School of Dance & Gymnastics, Inc., cancels due to insufficient enrollment. If your child does not attend or cancels once he/she is signed up for the program, there is no refund and no credit. Our ASPUP does pick up on “early release days” scheduled in the Charleston County School calendar. Your child will be picked up on those days unless you specify other arrangements have been made. There is no fee charged for the “early release day” if  your child is a *weekly registered ASPUP student, however if not, the pickup fee is $25 and will be charged to your account for the week. If you have any questions about the program, registration, or policies please call me at 884-9579.

Homework has a certain place and time daily. Although we are not tutors, we are available to help with any questions the student may have with their assigned homework. By leaving a post-it note with your child’s name on it by the Sign Out Sheet, we will let you know if your child is not finished with their assigned homework, having trouble on an assignment, or just taking too long to complete their assignments. We have been told by some of the public school teachers not to correct one’s homework that has been done incorrectly. That is very hard to do especially if you as a parent think we should be correcting it word for word! Please understand that if your child is having a problem, we will let you know and you can correct the homework. If your child doesn’t bring home their assignment pad and the correct books needed to complete assignments; we can’t see that their assignments are completed. Please discuss this with your child before school begins. If you would rather your child not do his assigned homework during our ASPUP, you must send a letter attached to his registration form stating that he is not expected to do homework in our program; otherwise all homework will be completed in our program.

If you have any questions about our after school pick up program, ASPUP, please contact me at 884-9579. We look forward to another productive and enjoyable program here at Tapio’s.

Thank you,
Callie Breland, Director

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